Maxxis 4 X 4 tyres



Premium ultra high performance tyre designed for Light Trucks and SUVs

  • Performance 4×4 All Season Tyre delivering the needs of today’s high performance vehicles.
  • Precise cornering and handling stability.
  • Open shoulder design expels water under wet conditions to improve wet weather performance.
  • Unique tyre structure design delivers a smooth ride and high speed durability.


Championship winning mud terrain with terrific performance and durability

  • Radial 4×4 with a wide footprint designed for mud terrain (M/T) service, pinned for studs.
  • Extra large staggered shoulder lugs for added traction in uneven terrain.
  • Enhanced puncture resistance from a strong and tough casing.
  • A smooth ride on the road, with off road grip when you need it.


Premium all-terrain combining outstanding balance between on-road and off-road performance

  • Modern tread pattern and sidewall lug design offers excellent all-terrain traction.
  • Stiff but conformable carcass improves off-road stability and handling.
  • Compound and pattern design improve tread wear, wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.
  • Rim protector



Premium highway terrain designed to deliver greater peace of mind during hauling and towing

  • Specially designed premium all-season tyre for modern SUVs and Light Trucks
  • Advanced closed shoulder design aqnd multi-pitch tread block technology reduces road noise and gives a comfortable ride
  • Reinfornced casing design stabilises vehicles under strong cross-winds and also provides confidence under braking, especially when hauling or towing
  • Excellent traction and handling on wet and snowy roads



Classic all-terrain pattern with good on and off road performance

  • Designed for all terrain (A/T) service.
  • Large tread block design provides aggressive traction and rugged off-road performance.
  • Premium rubber compound delivers high mileage and superb handling.
  • Abrasion resistant sidewall adds excellent durability and longer lasting life.


Features an impressive zigzag design in the shoulder area and high density S-type sipes for outstanding traction on snow.

  • Performance SUV/LT Winter Tyre delivering the needs of today’s high performance vehicles.
  • Excellent ice and snow grip delivered by the innovative  compound and unidirectional tread.
  • Quite smooth ride with good wet grip.
  • Superior water drainage and snow removal


Extreme Off Road Radial born from our off-road racing DNA

  • Extreme Off-Road Specialist Tyre.
  • Unique tread element arrangement ensures a uniform tread contact area for sure-footed handling.
  • Multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern provides improved control even on the most difficult off-road and rocky terrain.
  • Nylon belt-reinforced tyre construction improves puncture resistance and prolongs tread life.


Rugged mud terrain tyre pinned for studs

  • Extremely aggressive 4×4 pattern designed for mud terrain (M/T) service, pinned for studs
  • Extra strong, durable casing helps resist punctures and abrasions
  • Unique self-cleaning lugs for maximum traction at all times
  • Premium rubber compound with tread siping delivers maximum control in various weather conditions


The MT-764 Bighorn radial tyre is the latest addition to the Maxxis 4×4 line-up

  • Aggressive lug shoulder design
  • Extra-large and deep tread
  • Strong and tough casing reinforces puncture resistance
  • Moulded for ice studs to provide extra traction
  • Enhanced traction and braking power on all hard surfaces, wet or dry
  • Unique self-cleaning lugs for maximum traction at all times

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