Maxxis car tyres


New summer asymmetric pattern with excellent high-speed sport performance

New summer asymmetric pattern with a fashionably attractive appearance

  • Excellent high-speed sport performance and driving stability provides extraordinary control and manoeuvrability
  • Outstanding dry and wet handling performance in all weather conditions
  • Low noise emissions for a quieter ride


Based on the award winning iPro and MAZ4S, the new PRO R1 is an exciting new addition.

  • Special ‘Ultra R Rubber’ tread compound improves wet grip and boosts fuel consumption
  • Nano Dispersed SiO2 technology delivers extended tyre life
  • Extra strength sidewall design gives outstanding handling and stability
  • Optimised tread block and sipe arrangement promotes reduced tyre noise


Road going version of the MAZ1 Drift, with special race honed tread.

  • All season UHP tyre with aggressive unidirectional tread design.
  • Excellent cornering and handling from a high bead filler and stiff shoulder blocks.
  • Advanced silica compound for improving wet and dry traction and rolling resistance giving better mpg.
  • Specially designed high rim protector



Good fuel economy, superior traction, and excellent handling from this UHP radial

  • Unidirectional UHP all-season tyre with a solid centre rib and V-shaped aggressive tread pattern.
  • Silica rich V-shaped unidirectional tread pattern with 4 circumferential grooves gives improved handling on dry and wet roads.
  • Multiple snow-biting grooves and optimal siping design for great traction on snowy surfaces
  • 5-pitch tread blocks and 2-in-1 groove designs minimise noise for a quiet, comfortable ride.



The MA-W2 Wintermaxx radial is ideal for commercial vans traveling in the most severe winter weather

  • Performance Winter tyre for LC Vehicles and Vans travelling in the most severe winter weather.
  • Outstanding traction and quick braking in snow and ice.
  • Computer designed tread pattern gives superior water drainage and snow removal.
  • Multiple biting edges, enhancing winter performance without sacrificing dry performance.



Unique assymetrical tread design summer UHP radial

  • Advanced asymmetrical tread design gives this ultra high performance summer tyre excellent handling and cornering response with excellent durability.
  • Special casing construction enhances great handling and cornering stability.
  • Innovative silica tread compound promotes outstanding wet and dry traction.
  • Multi-pitch tread block arrangement and pitch sequence offer a quiet, comfortable ride.


Ultra high performance summer tyre with enhances wet and dry grip

  • Unique asymmetrical tread design combined with an advanced silica rich compound deliver an outstanding ultra high performance summer tyre with enhanced wet and dry grip.
  • Continuous outside reinforced shoulder enhances cornering stability and reduces noise level.
  • Optimised tread design with an enhanced casing construction gives great handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.



Aggressive tread design with four circumferential grooves for superior water dispersion and wet traction

  • Central tread pattern is designed with a high-stiff ribto enhance high speed stability
  • Multi-pitch tread delivers a comfortable ride with low noise
  • Large shoulder block design increases the ground contact patch to improve handling performance and stability
  • Four wide groove tread design improves wet handling and reduces hydroplaning


The performance radial with a revloutionary tread design enhancing wet and dry traction

  • Outstanding steering response and handling stability.
  • Excellent ride comfort with reduced noise.
  • Agressive tread design with four circumferential groves delivers superior water dispersion and wet traction.


The perfect touring tyre for almost all passenger cars

  • Perfect Touring tyre for most cars with good fuel economy and long life
  • Advanced tread design channels out water to resist aquaplaning
  • Outstanding handling characteristics with quiet comfortable ride
  • Double steel-belt construction for long lasting wear and uniformity



New tread base rubber compound reduces excessive heat generation for consistent handling and wear performance

  • Aggressive directional tread with two circumferential grooves reduces noise and improves hydroplaning resistance
  • Large 3D shoulder tread blocks increase tread stiffness for better handling and steering response while improving tread wear
  • New micro-silica-infused compound reduces rolling resistance and improves wet traction
  • High-stiffness casing for improved high-speed stability and handling

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