What is TyreAssist?

It is a roadside assistance service available to consumers who purchase one or more Michelin or BFGoodrich tyres through a tyre dealer which has gained ‘Michelin Certified Centre’ status.

How does TyreAssist Work?

Upon purchasing a Michelin or BFGoodrich tyre at TyreFinders, you will be issued with a TyreAssist membership card containing a unique membership number.In the event of a tyre failure, simply call the assistance number given on the card, quoting your membership number, and TyreAssist will arrange for a technician to be sent out to you. Tyre Assist aims to be with the vehicle within the hour.The Technician will then fit your spare tyre or tow you to the safety of a local tyre dealer.

The Benefits:

  • Roadside assistance for any tyre-related problem
  • Expert roadside service
  • 24/7 service
  • Fast, efficient response times
  • Service across the UK and Republic of Ireland
  • Local rate telephone number
  • Cover for two years