Pirelli Van Tyres


Carrier-1CARRIER: A New Beginning for Pirelli in the Van segment. Carrier offers users excellent mileage, class-leading rolling resistance and safety in wet conditions making it arguably the most complete van tyre on the market. This product has been completely redesigned; it features an all new tread pattern, compound and profile geometry to provide it with all the attributes drivers are looking for in a premium van product. In addition, the CARRIER SUMMER covers an estimated 98% of the replacement summer European van tyre market*; something that cannot be said by any other competitor tyre line. * Based on 2012 Europool figures.






ChronoSpecifically designed for commercial vehicles. A product that matches the performance characteristics of summer car tyres with the traditional characteristics of commercial vehicle tyres. Comfortable and safe, it performs in all conditions of use and load. Characterised by low noise levels, the tyres provide excellent performance throughout their life, even when working under extreme conditions.









Safe, comfortable and resistant to the extraordinary demands of Campers and Motorhomes. Promotes relaxed driving in all road conditions. Reliable and with high mileage potential, it stands out for its reinforced structure and high load carrying capability. Developed to reduce deformations caused by long periods of parking, it also provides even tread wear. Its special compound protects it for years, preserving its characteristics.

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