Falken SUV & 4 x 4 Tyres

Azenis FK510 SUV

Ultimate in ultra high performance

  • Blade Sipe Design
  • Outstanding wet and dry handling
  • Confidence-inspiring levels of safety and control
  • Excellent directional stability
  • Exceptionally stable in high-speed corners
  • Extraordinary resistance against aquaplaning
  • Shorter braking distances

Ziex ZE310 Ecorun

The latest in high performance

  • Excellent traction and grip on wet and dry roads, with enhanced wear performance
  • Enhanced resistance against aquaplaning
  • Shorter braking distances
  • Improved wear life
  • Further improved noise reduction

Eurowinter HS01 SUV

Superior performance in any winter conditions

  • The combination of Miura-Ori 3D sipes and a unidirectional tread design ensure secure braking and traction on snowy and icy surfaces and instills driver confidence
  • Cutting-edge Advanced 4D-Nano Design enhanced compounds ensuring superior wet performance, better fuel efficiency and extended tyre life
  • ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure) tread design improves directional stability, boosts braking performance and wear life combined with an even tread wear pattern
  • Extraordinary resistance against aquaplaning

Wildpeak A/T AT01

Massive, rugged tread blocks designed for outstanding traction

  • High-performance all-terrain tyres with outstanding driving stability
  • Superb handling in all on- and offroad situations
  • Low noise even at high speeds
  • Superb traction on loose surfaces
  • Symmetrical tread design with broad grooves
  • High-precision on-road response and directional stability
  • Reinforced casing and extra-rigid steel belts

Azenis FK453CC

advanced performance for SUV drivers

  • Outstanding safety and control
  • Excellent resistance to aquaplaning
  • Improved handling in wet conditions
  • Shorter braking distances

Ziex ZE914 Ecorun

High performance for broad applications

  • Outstanding grip
  • Low drive-by noise
  • Improved rolling resistance
  • Tailor-made for sporty drivers
  • Also available as ZE914A Ecorun to fulfil OE market requirements

Landair LA/AT T110

Outstanding performance in wet and dry conditions

  • Great dry handling and responsive wet braking on all roadway surfaces
  • High-precision on-road response and directional stability
  • Improved noise emission
  • Superb mileage and even wear life

Wildpeak M/T

High technology for any adventure and the toughest terrain

  • Maximum Off-Road Traction Built for the Toughest Terrain
  • Trusted by the experts to take on the harshest conditions
  • Featuring durable casing developed to sustain the most harsh off-road conditions, delivering a high level of protection and dependability
  • Aggressive upper sidewall provides additional traction on rugged terrain
  • Provides exceptional road manners and low noise thanks to an optimized variable three-pitch tread pattern

Euroall Season AS210

The latest in all season high performance

  • Excellent traction and grip on wet and dry roads
  • Maximum resistance against aquaplaning
  • Shorter braking distances even on snow
  • Improved handling performance on all weather conditions
  • Enhanced Wear Life

Euroall Season AS200

Optimal all-season performance for any weather condition

  • 4 broad circumferential grooves for optimum water dispersion to minimise susceptibility to aquaplaning
  • More even distribution of contact between road surface and tread, which enhances traction and shortens braking distances
  • Outstanding traction in ice and snow
  • With M+S and snowflake marking
  • Low drive-by noise

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