Truck tyres

Truck tyre supply & fitting

TyreFinders Redruth can supply and fit a wide range of truck tyres, brands include Michelin, Bridgestone, Hankook, Kormoran, Double-Coin and many more.  Truck tyres can be either fitted at our Redruth depot or fitted at your site.

Supply of Xlite Truck Wheel & Wheel Nuts

At our Redruth branch we can supply and fit new Xlite truck wheels and wheel nuts.  Call the depot on 01209 211711 or email for a quote at

Truck tyre turning/twinning

Our team of truck tyre technicians have been trained to notice when our customers tyres are mis-matched or wearing irregularly, by spotting this early through regular fleet checks, it often means we can turn a tyre on the rim or swap the position of the tyre to maximise tyre life. Doing this can increase tyre life by up to 20% and will also make any future re-grooving or remoulding of the tyre much easier, whilst improving grip, traction and stopping distances.

Tyre re-grooving

Truck tyres are expensive, there is no getting away from that, but to help you get the most out of your tyres we can cut new tread into the truck tyre, using the extra base layer of rubber that you find built into most modern truck tyres. A correctly re-grooved tyre could give you up to 25% additional mileage return, as well as better grip and fuel savings.

Tyre re-grooving can be carried out either on your premises, or at our Commercial fitting site in Redruth.

Truck tyre puncture repair

Punctures in truck tyres are unfortunately unavoidable, but TyreFinders are equipped to carry out minor repairs on site, or if required we can send the tyres away for major repair. Tyres will be checked for secondary damage before any repairs are carried out.

Pressure checks

Correct tyre pressures are vital for any vehicle fleet. TyreFinders trained technicians will ensure all of your vehicles tyre pressures are correct, taking into account factors such as load type and road use. This will ensure you are getting maximum tyre life and fuel economy, as well as improved handling.

Truck tyre related breakdowns

TyreFinders offer a 24-7 tyre breakdown service for account customers covering Cornwall.  For truck tyre breakdowns outside of Cornwall you can contact TyreLink.

TyreLink – How it works…

Get The Tyre Cover You Need When You Need It

‘TyreLink’ is the name of the NTDA’s long-established tyre breakdown scheme, which coordinates members of the Association to offer a 24 hour roadside breakdown service for trucks throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

How Does it Work?

TyreLink operates on the industry’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced call handling and job allocation system. TyreLink is available to any haulage operator or logistics company through any full member of the NTDA. The breakdowns are handled and allocated by RAC through their state of the art control centre in Walsall .

All calls are timed, dated and logged into the system as well as being voice recorded and jobs are allocated, automatically to the nearest depot, depending on pre-arranged instructions with regard to preferred partners. The scheme comes in very useful for timed delivery loads as TyreLink is able to estimate the likely duration of the delay.

How Is The Tyrelink Service Used?

Members are issued with a TL password which should be given to the TyreLink operator for coverage of breakdowns. 0333 202 3020 number is called in case of a breakdown and this is a free-phone number. It is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and the operator will answer with ‘TyreLink’.

Getting The Tyres You Want

Members are able to pre-arrange preference with regard to trading partners, tyre brands or it is possible to set up an identification system for your hauliers to combat potential misuse. All information with regard to customer details is highly confidential and Lantern is bound by the Data Protection Act and is liable to extensive fines if confidentiality is breached.

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