Caravan tyres

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Fitting the correct tyres

It is very important to ensure that tyres of the correct specification are fitted to caravans and motorhomes specified by the manufacturer.  The same tyre construction type, i.e. radial or cross-ply, should be fitted to all tyres on the same axle. Tyres across an axle must also be the same size, speed rating and load index.  The same combination should apply to the spare. Tyre pressures across an axle should also be equal.

Caravan Tyre Age

Tyres which are visually OK, and which have seen little or even no use are also recommended to be replaced when they reach a few years of age. As a general rule (and following guidance issued by the tyre makers‟ trade body, the British Tyre Manufacturers‟ Association), it is advised that caravan tyres should ideally be replaced when 5 years old, and should never be used when more than 7 years old.  It’s also recommended that caravan tyres with a high inflation pressure (above 50psi) should be replaced at 3 years and never used beyond 5 years, according to The Caravan Club.

Since tyres deteriorate with age even when not in use (unless kept under very strictly controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, light level etc), it is usually necessary to consider a tyre’s age from the date it was made, and not from when it was bought or fitted to the caravan.

The age of your tyres can be found by examining the DOT (or date of manufacture) code found on the tyres’ sidewall markings.


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