Maxxis car tyres

For day-to-day use, our passenger car tyres are built to exacting standards using industry-leading technology.

Maxxis Lifetime Guarantee

Maxxis are so confident in the quality, reliabity and durability of its products that they have no hesitation in offering a replacement Guarantee if their tyres are found wanting in terms of manufacture or materials.


  1. Maxxis will replace a tyre which demonstrates a defect due to the manufacturing process or materials used.
  2. Maxxis will replace a tyre which shows irreparable damage resulting from normal road use. This guarantee operates independently of the purchase date and is non transferable from the party named on the guarantee certificate. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. Replacement is based on dealer assessment where a replacement value is calculated based on the amount of tread used.

Maxxis recommends the following key areas are checked to ensure that your tyres continue to perform with the safety, grip and reliability you demand. The following should be checked on a regular basis:

  • Tread depth
  • Tyre pressure
  • Tracking and alignment
  • Inspect your tyres for visual damage


New summer asymmetric pattern with excellent high-speed sport performance

New summer asymmetric pattern with a fashionably attractive appearance

  • Excellent high-speed sport performance and driving stability provides extraordinary control and manoeuvrability
  • Outstanding dry and wet handling performance in all weather conditions
  • Low noise emissions for a quieter ride

Bravo HP-M3

A Summer premium touring tyre for modern car and SUV owners

  • Continuous center rib with slanted sipes provides better high-speed stability and inclement weather traction
  • Wide circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch, improving hydroplaning resistance
  • Produces a virtual white noise to reduce perceived pattern noise for a quieter ride

The HP-M3 is an all-around performer engineered to deliver peace of mind on dry or wet road conditions. The tyre features cross-hatch sipes across the tread for added traction on slippery surfaces, while the four circumferential grooves improve hydroplaning resistance.

Victra Sport 5 VS5

New summer UHP tyre with a fashionably attractive appearance

  • New materials and consutrction methods deliver improved stength and handling performance under high speed
  • New Aramid/Nylon ply layer reduces tyre weight and improves rolling resistance and handling performance at high speed
  • New optimised sidewall construction delivers extra strength without compromising on ride comfort
  • Highly dispersed full silica compound delivers excellent grip in the wet and dry and improves fuel consumption.

Premitra HP5

Full silica tread compound delivers excellent dry and wet grip.

  • Outer shoulder block provides superb straight-line grip and handling
  • Multi-pitch tread pattern provides improved rolling resistance performance
  • Enhanced water dispersal and aquaplaning resistance
  • Central ribs give straight-line stability at high speed along with optimal handling


Ultra high performance summer tyre with enhances wet and dry grip

  • Unique asymmetrical tread design combined with an advanced silica rich compound deliver an outstanding ultra high performance summer tyre with enhanced wet and dry grip.
  • Continuous outside reinforced shoulder enhances cornering stability and reduces noise level.
  • Optimised tread design with an enhanced casing construction gives great handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.


Aggressive tread design with four circumferential grooves for superior water dispersion and wet traction

  • Central tread pattern is designed with a high-stiff ribto enhance high speed stability
  • Multi-pitch tread delivers a comfortable ride with low noise
  • Large shoulder block design increases the ground contact patch to improve handling performance and stability
  • Four wide groove tread design improves wet handling and reduces hydroplaning


New tread base rubber compound reduces excessive heat generation for consistent handling and wear performance

  • Aggressive directional tread with two circumferential grooves reduces noise and improves hydroplaning resistance
  • Large 3D shoulder tread blocks increase tread stiffness for better handling and steering response while improving tread wear
  • New micro-silica-infused compound reduces rolling resistance and improves wet traction
  • High-stiffness casing for improved high-speed stability and handling

Compact Spare

Maxxis is an original equipment manufacturer of spare tyres servicing multiple automotive manufacturers around the world.

  • Select sizes are available
  • Wheel not included

Mecotra ME3

A European fuel-saving tyre for compact passenger cars.

  • Optimal bead design absorbs impact for better rolling resistance performance
  • Nano Science Technology (NST) compound achieves high levels of wet grip and low rolling resistance
  • Enhanced contact patch improves handling and wet performance
  • New energy-saving sidewall design helps to give a comfortable ride with reduced rolling resistance
  • New 3D sipe technology stays open during contact with the road, reducing the risk of aquaplaning

Packed full of technology this is a real fuel saving tyre for smaller cars. Multi-bulge points of sipe improve resistance to aquaplaning and a bridge of sipe enhances block stiffness. Arc-shaped grooves enhance wet weather performance whilst the lateral groove bridge reinforces rigidity to improve handling. The advanced flat tread design reduces rolling resistance, and improves tyre rigidity to decrease deformation. High-tension cap ply improves tread stiffness for better high-speed handling and a super high tension belt maintains tread stiffness for a safer performance.

All-Season AP2

A true European all-season winter tyre featuring the latest snow compound and construction for improved high-speed stability and handling.

  • Advanced tread compound for improved wet traction and better rolling resistance performance
  • V-shaped directional grooves provide extra traction under wet and snowy conditions
  • 3-D sipes provide additional stiffness giving better handling in the wet
  • High-density sipes improve grip in wet, snowy and icy conditions
  • Double-layer, high strength steel belts improve impact resistance
  • Steel belt construction optimises contact patch for better handling in the wet

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