Michelin van tyres

If you drive a minivan, van, or a commercial light truck, MICHELIN Agilis tyres are specifically designed for your professional usage : a long lasting and economic tyre solution for your business. Find the good MICHELIN Agilis tyre according to your weather conditions.


  • Safe on wet roads: braking distance reduced by 2 metres on wet roads(1)
  • Fuel efficient: save up to 150 litres of fuel(2)
  • Long lasting: the Michelin acclaimed expertise in Longevity(3)

MICHELIN Agilis Camping

Designed for motorhomes

Designed especially for motorhomes, for long tyre life and very safe journeys!

MICHELIN Agilis is homologated on the “Camping” version on FIAT DUCATO, one of the most popular European motorhome chassis.

…and with MICHELIN Total Performance,

more areas of performance are brought together.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate

  • Safety in every weather condition(1,2,3)
  • Optimal traction on all terrain types(3)
  • #1 in longevity in all tyre categories(4,5)

MICHELIN Agilis Alpin

  • 20% more mileage(1)
  • High level of robustness
  • Approved by leading European van manufacturers(2)

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