There are hundreds, if not thousands of tyre brands to choose from when it’s time to put some new boots on your vehicle. The price range when choosing your new tyres can be quite substantial too, with prices ranging from around £48 for a budget or economy tyre, up to almost £100 for a leading brand tyre, and in-between those there is an array of mid-range tyre brands. (Prices based on size 205/55R16).

So where does that price difference come from? If you placed the tyres next to each other, they would look pretty similar, all black and round, and all with little blocks of rubber across the tyre forming the tread. We quite often get asked “if the branded tyre is double the price of the budget tyre, will I get double the mileage?” it’s not always the case, but quite often the more expensive tyre is capable of doubling the mileage return of its economy counterpart.

That shouldn’t really be the deciding factor in your choice of tyre though. What you are also getting for parting with your hard earned money goes far beyond just how long it will be before you are back to replace your tyres again.

What you are really getting is a tyre that has been made using better quality raw materials, these raw materials will have been put together using more advanced techniques and in a factory with staggering quality controls in place. (I have been to a factory of arguably the world’s largest tyre manufacturer so can personally vouch for this!). You are also getting the benefit of millions upon millions of pounds of research and development, all carried out by some of the world’s best design, mechanical and process engineers.

All of this filters down into what is really important, what you are getting for the extra money is a tyre that is going to keep you and your passengers safe on the road, a tyre that when you need to stop in an emergency could mean that you stop several car lengths shorter compared to the cheaper tyre.

It’s a common misconception that the vehicles brakes stop the car, the brakes stop the wheels from turning but it’s very much the tyres job to stop the car. You are getting a tyre that will give better grip on straight roads, and in corners, better levels of comfort, less road noise. You will get a tyre that will offer optimum performance throughout its life span, not just when it’s new or almost new. You will get a more fuel efficient tyre, with some tyres quite capable of saving you a gallon of fuel every time you fill the tank.

Now, it would be obtuse for me to say to my customers that the best tyre for them is Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone or Continental etc., but what I can advise is that the best tyre for you is the best one you can afford. Economically times are still hard for many people, in Cornwall we have a high cost of living but with a low average wage, and I understand that you can only spend what you have actually got in your wallet, but with tyres you really do get what you pay for, the more expensive tyre will reap more of the benefits I have listed in this blog, with the benefits getting less the lower down the market you go.

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